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Tom Cruise is credited with much of the credit for saving theaters, thanks to the impressive success of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, a cinematic experience to be enjoyed in theaters that has ended up raising almost 1,500 million dollars worldwide. For this reason, his opinion is highly valued in Hollywood, especially at Warner, where they are currently in need of encouragement when it comes to their DC Universe.

According to publish The Hollywood Reporter, the famous actor and producer would have already seen ‘Flash’ and, supposedly, he was crazy about it. It happened at the end of February, when, after a conversation with the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, Cruise asked to see the film. The executive agreed and sent him a copy for his private enjoyment. A THR source assures that the Warner courier who delivered the film waited until it was finished for Cruise to return it to him and take it back to the studio.

Apparently, Cruise liked the film so much that he immediately called its director, Andy Muschietti, on the phone to shower him with praise, saying, according to sources close to the studio, things like “it’s everything you want in a movie” and “This is the kind of movie we need right now.”

After several delays in its release date and problems behind the scenes derived from the changes in Warner and DC and the controversies surrounding its protagonist, Ezra Miller, ‘Flash’ will finally hit theaters on June 23 of this year. While James Gunn and Peter Safran prepare the restart of the DC Universe, which will begin with ‘Superman: Legacy’, Warner continues to release the projects that were left in the chamber, including ‘Shazam! The fury of the gods’, which has just landed in theaters with rather disappointing results. The performance of ‘Flash’ is key for the company, which has invested a lot of effort and money in the film, promising a great multiversal event, so by the account that brings you, let’s hope that Cruise is right.

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Hollywood bows to Cruise

After sweeping theaters, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is the fifth highest-grossing film of all time in the United States, where the belated sequel to the ’80s classic became a true theatrical phenomenon last year. With the film industry involved in uncertainty due to the pandemic, ‘Maverick’ was key in the public’s return to theaters throughout the past spring and summer, and the consequent revitalization of the business.

If Cruise was always one of the biggest commercial forces at the box office, the success of ‘Top Gun’ has brought Hollywood even more to its feet, including its King Midas, Steven Spielberg, who was caught on video during the prelunch meal. to the Oscars ceremony, telling Cruise: “You’ve saved Hollywood’s ass and you may have saved film distribution”.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’, nominated for 7 Oscars (of which it won one, Best Sound), is available in the Prime Video catalog and in the usual digital purchase and rental places.

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