Videos |  They spread another case of bullying in Edomex, now in Zumpango

A new case of bullying in the State of Mexico was disseminated on social networks, days after the Norma Lizbeth’s deathvictim of harassment by one of his colleagues.

Apparently the fight between two students from the Nicolás Bravo secondary school number 0417located in Zumpango.

The video shows two teenagers, one in a dress uniform and the other in a sports uniform, arguing.

Seconds later, the one wearing black pants tells the teenager that she can’t do it alone.

-“Can’t you do it alone or what?” says one of the young women.

-“I can, I can”, answers the young woman who ended up attacked.

Immediately the young woman in pants hit the other several times on the head, in addition to pulling her hair, throwing her to the ground and dragging her around the place.

In the background, voices and laughter from other students can be heard.

Finally, the victim stands up while the aggressor leaves with other companions.

They arrest a minor who hit Norma Lizbeth

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) confirmed that the minor who hit Norma Lizbeth Ramos was arrested on the night of March 17 in the municipality of Teotihuacán.

The first unofficial versions indicated that both the minor and her mother had been detained at the border between Mexico and the United States.

However, the FGJEM clarified that the minor was detained at an address located in the Santa Maria Cozotlan neighborhood.

The minor was beaten by her partner on February 21. As a result of the beatings, Norma Lizbeth’s state of health worsened.

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“On March 13, 2023, when the victim was at home, she lost consciousness, for which her relatives transferred her to the “Ignacio Allende” Specialized Center for Primary Health Care in Teotihuacán, upon arrival she no longer had Vital signs”.

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