AMLO: if the US detains Trump it is to remove him from the electoral ballot

He President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that, if the ex-president of United States, Donald Trump, it is so that it does not appear on the ballot.

“President Trump is declaring that they are going to arrest him, I think today,” he said Tuesday during the morning press conference in National Palace.

“If that were the case, then everyone would know, because we are not sucking our fingers, which is so that it does not appear on the ballot,” he added.

Likewise, the president denied that the human rights report of the Department of State of the United States, which indicates impunity, attacks on the press and violence.

The president reiterated that the United States does not want to abandon the Monroe Doctrine and manifest destiny, so they “believe they are the government of the world” and “they only see the speck in the eye of others and not the beam in their own.”

“It is as if we will evaluate them here: let’s see human rights, why don’t you release [Julian] Assange if you are talking about journalism and freedom?”, he expressed.

Likewise, he questioned the neighboring country about what actions it is taking to combat the crisis of consumption of fentanyl.

“The politicking goes out there to blame it on Mexico“, he pointed. “It is easy for them to say: Mexico violates human rights; Mexico, they are invading us with fentanyl; Mexico, freedom of the press is not respected,” he added.

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