Rina Sawayama and Hiroyuki Sanada in 'John Wick 4' (2023)

Chad Stahelski premieres his fourth installment at the helm of ‘John Wick’, a saga with which he has grown and in which he continues to experiment at the hands of its star: Keanu Reeves. This tandem teams up to find their own version of that inevitable escalation that sequels incur, movies that are usually built with that pressure in mind. “From what other directors have told me, the biggest concern is always how to make a bigger, better, more powerful and faster moviesays the aforementioned director. “But Keanu and I have never approached it that way with ‘John Wick’. We just thought about how to do a better job or how to expand the story.

And the way in which ‘John Wick 4’ expands said franchise history It goes through some new exception additions, especially in the action and melee section. Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins and Hiroyuki Sanada contribute tremendously to those choreographies that draw so much from martial arts, some scenes, along with the chases and other fireworks inherent in ‘Wick’, which are priorities for Stahelski.

“I won’t say that the action comes easily, but in my mind I raise things that I think make it interesting because it interests me a lot and it makes me want to explore and try things. Then it is always difficult to combine it with the storyexplains the director, letting it fall that for him the first thing is to stick to the genre of his saga and think about how to surprise the viewer from that point of view, then he would look for how to fit all those ideas into a script, this time written by Shay Hatten and Michael Finch.

Derek Kolstad, a screenwriter who worked on the first three installments, has been left out mainly to be able to focus on the scripts of ‘The Continental’, spin-off series set 40 years before what was seen on the big screen, which would narrate the beginnings of the iconic hotel at the hands of a young Winston played by Colin Woodell. This television event with a marked cinematographic tone, which is structured in three 90-minute episodes, was expected for next year, but Stahelski drops that perhaps this 2023 would arrivejust before pointing out that he is only the executive producer, so he would have delegated the leadership of the project.

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“When they called me I was very flattered that they wanted to do spin-offs and I have tried to give the greatest possible freedom to the creatives who are in charge of each one of them. I think that’s the best way to expand the universe. If everything goes out of my mind and my direction, in the end, it’s going to be limited in a way.”. Besides, this filmmaker would already be very busy with a fifth installment, right?

“No. I know there are rumors out there. We hope that ‘John Wick 4’ will please the audience and, if the viewers want to see another one, those responsible for the saga will want to continue. Keanu and I love this universe, its characters… We can’t be more flattered that the fans want to see more, but we still have in mind how to launch the fourth installment in the best possible way”.

kings of action

Shamier Anderson, who plays Tracker, moves away from the most intense choreography to go about his business, a role in ‘John Wick 4’ very thought to win over fans. And it is that this character has a loyal companion: her dog, an essential piece in order to give dynamism to many of the action scenes.

Along with this detail that will undoubtedly conquer the veterans of the saga, comes the juiciest part of this film: see two heavyweights of martial arts such as Yen and Sanada turning in some high confrontations even within the framework of this expert saga in that kind of entertainment. “I really enjoyed working with him”says Sanada talking about his work with Yen. “We put a lot of ideas together, and then with each take, new things came up. It was fun. He is very experienced and technical which made the experience as fun as it was easy..

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Having two mainstays of this level is just what ‘John Wick 4’ needed, a film that aspires to replicate the success of previous installments while remaining firm to a very characteristic essence within the genre. “I think they have created their own style. People call it ‘gun-fu’ and it’s a great combination of real martial arts and very entertaining action.especially on this occasion, which add the Asian essence”says Sanada.

‘John Wick 4’ opens only in theaters on March 24.


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