'Crazy night', Danna Paola shows off a photo with Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker and social networks go crazy

After the cancellation of the concert that the singer Danna Paola was going to hit the World Trade Center in Veracruz on March 18, followers of it demanded on social networks the full refund of your money, since they accused that the companies Expandir Producciones and Ticket Prime have not done so so far.

Originally, a statement was circulated with the firm of the company in which people who had bought a ticket for Monday, March 20, were cited. at an address in the municipality of Boca del Río.

Concert prices ranged between 5 thousand and 10 thousand pesos, which are the amounts that the fans claim.

However, when going to the home -located in the Petrolera neighborhood-, They found an empty property for rent, which unleashed their fury, so they accused the company of fraud on social networks.

A woman, who identified herself as the owner of the premises, pointed out that the company never specified the rent of the same, although he did have that intention.

For this reason, the followers requested the intervention of Danna Paola herself, It has not yet ruled on this situation.

The concert had already been postponed twice before its final cancellation, supposedly due to weather problems.

A new statement was posted on the social network accounts of Expanir Producciones, in which it is stated that the cancellation of the concert occurred due to reasons beyond the control of the company and that the refund will be made from next March 28 on Avenida 16 de septiembre number 1275, Colonia Flores Magón, in the port of Veracruz.

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The statement is the only publication on the account of Instagram, which also does not have verification. Nor does the text explain why the people were quoted in an address that no one came to and that was actually an empty place.

The company asks those affected for their confidence that returns will be made in a timely manner, from the new date.

Also, provide the phone number 5573751854 to care for affected people. The fans have assured that when they have called this number the voice mail appears and that they do not answer on WhatsApp either.


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