Trying to decipher what lives in Charlie Kaufman’s mind is an exercise as impossible to solve with good results as it is irresistible. A genius incapable of opting for the straight path or the simplest path to reach the dream destination, even in the form of a nightmare, his work as a scriptwriter and director is a labyrinth that doubles efforts, a corridor with tiny windows and a car with the sixth march activated in the middle of the snow. AND a set of unique, unclassifiable and deeply brilliant works.

Nostalgia, the feeling of loss, disorientation, broken hearts, melancholy or the absurd are some of the main pillars on which it is based. a demanding trajectory, of course, but also faultless. Even at its most excessive moments, which there are, Kaufman’s work exudes the unique scent of unstoppable creativity, shocking honesty, and winter beach beauty.

Not a single one of the films that we find in this special cause an instant crush, which is still another factor in their favor. These eight universes of their own, non-transferable and totally recognizable, welcome you with open arms to misplace, hypnotize, fascinate, surprise, hit, dizzy and, finally, captivate you.. The Kaufmann effect. And don’t look for imitations.


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