'I do break your mother';  Teacher threatens student at CBTis in Hidalgo

A video is circulating on social networks in which, allegedly, a CBTis teacher number 83 located in Actopan Hidalgo threatens to hit to a student while insulting him.

The reason why the altercation started is unknown, but the 29-second recording shows the violent treatment that the teacher gives the student inside the classroom.

The video was allegedly shared by the students of that institution, but until this Tuesday the educational authorities They have not issued any position.

It shows a group of students sitting in the corner of the classroom. The teacher, in a purple shirt, insults one of the students with profanity, while the rest laugh nervously.

At one point, the teacher approaches the student and feint with hitting him to which the young man raises his arms covering his face.

“Tell him something, tell him something”one of her companions is heard saying.

The teacher turns once more towards the student and threatens him:

“I do break your mother, talk a little and I’ll break your mother“She says as she walks towards him and points her finger at him.

The teacher continues with the insults to the young man who answers: “Go away”.


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