They demand that AMLO abandon the military;  They take to the streets to defend them;  and more |  National headlines 03/13/2023

These are the outstanding news for this Tuesday, March 21, 2023 in the main newspapers with national circulation:

EU alert on corruption, crime and harassment of the press

Displays annual report torture, disappearances, extortion… Points out impunity for all crimes including human rights violations

“The hospital conversion was key against the covid”

Reyes Terán: medical training was carried out on the fly

In the face of cartels, the EU calls for a united front with Mexico

Commission presents proposal for a rapprochement with the federal government, due to the growing threat of drug traffickers on European soil

Ebrard promises a level 2.0 Q4

Interview. The chancellor goes to the middle classes and winks at them that “they have always been important”; he wants to be recognized for continuing AMLO’s legacy

The US warns of abuses and impunity in Mexico

In the country, abuses by the security forces persist, as well as high levels of violence, alerts a report from the US government

Banxico: Mexico has solid economic fundamentals

VRC. We are in a better situation compared to other emerging

AIFA, at 50% of goals upon completing its first year

Records an average of 59 operations each day, of the 120 projected

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