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    It had the highest bar, but ‘Avatar 2: The Sense of Water’ has exceeded even the most optimistic forecasts, sneaking into the top 3 of the highest grossing films in history with more than 2.3 billion dollars worldwide. And it has done so despite (or thanks to) a somewhat excessive duration for what we are used to. The sequel to ‘Avatar’ took place over 192 minutes, but be careful because the duration of ‘Avatar 3’ could be up to triple: 9 hours.

    According to MovieWebCameron is considering making a 9-hour special cut of ‘Avatar 3’, which is currently in a laborious post-production process and has a scheduled release date of December 2024. This extended montage would premiere on Disney+ in the form of a seriesexpanding the universe featured in the film trilogy.

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    The announcement surprises because James Cameron’s plan is to make up to 5 sequels to ‘Avatar’so if you have enough material to do almost 10 hours of the next installment… What do you have in mind to continue the saga?

    For ‘Avatar 3’, Cameron has said that he will explore another part of Pandora that will feature a tribe of “evil” Na’vi, the so-called “fire people”. The actress Oona Chaplin would have been chosen to play the leader of the tribe.

    We have also known that in one of the sequels, presumably, we will see Neytiri visiting Earth. However, Cameron has also said that he wants to do a live-action Hiroshima bomb project before moving on to Avatar 4.


    20th Century Studios

    The option of expanding the universe of ‘Avatar’ in series format had already been addressed previously by Cameron, who already pointed out the possibility at the premiere of ‘Avatar 2’. However, he had his doubts about whether the technology would measure up.: “The problem is that the characters are digitally photorealistic and still don’t fit the current technology in television. Now, maybe in 10 yearsIf we inject enough industry, deep learning, and AI into the process, it might be possible to take a shot closer to real time. I don’t know if we’ll get to real time, but I think we could get close enough to do TV, but it won’t be for, I’d say a minimum of five years, maybe more like 10.”

    Those 10 years could suddenly become 2. And If anyone can do it, it’s him..

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