Shocks America Racial Hate Mask in Buffalo, New York and More |  Headlines of the world 05/16/2022

This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Tuesday, March 21, 2023:

The earth is nearing the tipping point towards a hot future

Alarm a report from the United Nations. Calls for drastic measures in this decade to avoid catastrophe

The children left behind are older

The sons of soldiers who died during the Iraq war face a lingering sense of absence and an endless search to understand their legacy.

Macron escapes with difficulties from the attempt to overthrow his Government

The motion for the pension reform remains nine votes away from prospering

The Guardian / UK

Racists, misogynists and homophobes: the damning verdict on the metropolitan police

Citizens’ trust in police plummets, according to a report after Everard’s murder

The Central does not stop losing reserves, but they deny a double market for the dollar

Financial stress grows

Ten of the 13 pardoned by the President have unfavorable reports from the Gendarmerie: the benefit is not recommended

TC pronounces today on the requirement of senators

Raúl Alfaro leaves the PNP leadership due to links with ‘El Español’

Corruption: Irregular appointments in addresses during the Castillo government

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