Robert Smith gets Ticketmaster to refund overcharges

After the strong criticism of Robert Smith, lead singer of “The Cure,” against Ticketmaster, the ticket company confirmed that will return your money to those who purchased dynamic rate tickets for the tour of at least 30 concerts that the British band will give in the United States.

In a tweet from his official account, Smith confirmed that held discussions with the ticket company and it accepted that the charges were excessive. In addition, Ticketmaster offered “good faith” a $10 refund for each ticket purchased through verified fan accounts for “lowest price” transactions.

From this first win, Smith kept up his pressure on the company on social media, constantly posting and retweeting complaints for excessive charges and irregularities. Thus, the company gave a little more.

In response to a tweet that featured the charge for two tickets at $1,125 (21 thousand 031 pesos approximately) plus surcharges for the concert in Boston, Massachusetts, the official Ticketmaster account confirmed that will refund the difference between the original price of a ticket and the dynamic one.

Robert Smith was quick to share this message, writing: “All of these buyers are in the process of being contacted and will be contacted. automatically a refund at nominal price

The high ticket costs are explained by the measure that Ticketmaster implemented to Avoid ticket resale. The dynamic rate causes the price of tickets to increase according to supply and demand as if they were plane or hotel tickets. Thus, the prices rise, theoretically, to what it would cost with a reseller; with the extra staying for the promoter and the artist.

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Tickets for The Cure were so inflated that vocalist Robert Smith called it “scam” this payment method on his official Twitter account and managed to get Ticketmaster to put restrictions to measure.

Fans of the rock band showed on social networks that in addition to the dynamic price, Ticketmaster charged extra charges that amount to up to 23 and a half dollars (approximately 433 pesos), almost the cost of another ticket.

The Cure will tour the United States of at least 30 concerts, started on may 10 in New Orleans and ending the 1st of July in Florida.

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