US uncovers problems with Mexico over energy;  PRD would launch presidential candidates and more |  Political Columns 07/20/2022

“Transcended” in Millennium

That two months after the deadline established in the so-called “military plan”, deputies and senators will install this Wednesday the bicameral commission in charge of monitoring and evaluating the participation of the armed forces in public security work until 2028 and, as president From that instance, the leader of the Morena bench, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, now anticipates a thorough review of the federal government’s anti-crime strategy.

“Templo Mayor” in Reforma

VERY HAPPY Day of the Spring! Gardens bloom, birds sing, and the sky shines everywhere except on Monterey. In that city, Pemex’s negligence has reached alarming levels with the pollution generated by the oil refinery. cadereyta.

FOR A LONG time civil groups and academics had warned about the brutal increase in the levels of all pollutants, which affected above all the Monterrey metropolitan area. There were even specific complaints about how the petrochemical plant releases huge clouds of pollution at night, as if doing it in the dark reduces air poisoning.

“Political Fronts” in Excelsior

1. all over the top. Lorenzo CordovaINE, President Counselor of the INE, is less than two weeks away from leaving his post, so he began a farewell tour in the United States that includes meetings with congressmen and officials, such as the Undersecretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian Nicholsand Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS. From yesterday until this Friday, his agenda will take place in Washington and New York, with representatives of institutions that “have been fundamental allies in the substantive work of the INE” from 2014 to date, the period in which the counselor headed the electoral referee. With more than 300 successfully organized elections on his resume, where does the future of the man point?

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