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    From FOTOGRAMAS we present the teaser poster of ‘A past ahead’. The film stars Tamar Novas (‘The mess you leave’, ‘Fariña’, ‘The Sea Inside’), martha grandson (‘Three’, ‘Mother’, ‘Fair’) and the young talent Mario Santos (‘Alba’, ‘Tell me how it happened’). This work represents the feature film debut of Olga Osoriowith a script written by Osorio herself along with Araceli Gonda (‘Hierro’).

    Olga Osorio, filmmaker, screenwriter and photographer, began working on feature fiction after a fruitful and applauded career as a director of short films: ‘reStart’, ‘Mouras’, ‘Tinder Time’, ‘A Question of Authority’ and ‘Einstein-Rosen’ are some of his titles, which have been awarded at festivals around the world.

    The story, directed for the whole family, tells an imaginative and moving adventure centering on two brothers, Oscar and Teo, 13 and 10 years old. It is the summer of 1989. They both live in a modest neighborhood apartment. Teo is a soccer fan and a little mischievous, Óscar a know-it-all who prefers to spend summer afternoons studying the theory of relativity. In reality, they are both dealing in their own way with the disappearance of his mother, an up-and-coming scientist obsessed with wormholes.

    The germ of the story is found in the director’s short film, ‘Einstein-Rosen’ (2016)which achieved great national and international success and participated in more than 240 festivals, obtaining recognition in many of them.

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    The film also has in its cast Rubén Fulgencio (‘Oliver’s Universe’, ‘The Town’), Irene Jiménez (‘The Hunt. Monteperdido’), Saúl Esgueva (‘Riot Police’), Mabel Rivera (‘The Sea Inside’ ) and Manuel Manquiña (‘Airbag’).

    According to its producer Emma Lustres, from Vaca Films, this is “a very emotional, entertaining, imaginative and fun film, which aspires to surprise, excite and entertain children and adults with a close, original, and above all very tender story. It is a challenge to approach a type of film of which there are few examples in the audiovisual of our country”.

    For Olga Osorio, this feature “is about the relationship of two brothers, probably one of the most special that exists, and also about how difficult it can be to understand and communicate with the people we love the most. The ingredient of time travel allows us to add the “what if” component and do a slight exercise in nostalgia.

    Filming has been carried out throughout September and October 2022 entirely in Galicia, in the surroundings of the city of A Coruña.

    The film is produced by Vaca Films and Quien a hierro mata AIE, and has the participation of Prime Video, RTVE, TVG and the support of ICAA (Ministry of Culture), Agadic (Xunta de Galicia) and the Media Program.

    ‘A past ahead’ will hit theaters on September 1, 2023 by A Contracorriente Films.

    In pre-adolescence he began to buy film magazines and thus established his love for movies, blockbusters or indie films, it didn’t matter.


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