Octavio Ocana |  The actor was subdued and executed, reveals an independent expert opinion

The general director of the Lex Pro Humanitas office, Fernando Manilla Contreras, affirmed that the expert opinion made by the family of the actor Octavio Ocaña on his murder will be linked to the one carried out by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) to reclassify the crime prosecuted.

On this, he told Aristegui Noticias that the leak of the family’s expert opinion will not affect the development of the process, and that it will be harmonized with that of the Mexican prosecutor’s office to strengthen the case.

“The difference in the two expert opinions is precisely that we continue to maintain that Octavio was taken out of the truck, that reveals our opinion. The current Prosecutor’s Office and we are looking for a way to harmonize the information we have to strengthen a good theory of the case.”

With this, he said, they will seek to reclassify the crime of culpable homicide, to intentional homicide.

Manilla Contreras estimated that the Mexican prosecutor’s office after the leak that ensures that Octavio Ocaña was murdered and not a suicide, will not dismiss their own expert opinions but will seek a solution aimed at justice.

“They won’t do it. We know that although the pronouncement on what happened to Octavio was with the previous administration, institutionally they could not totally change their position, that is why we have found similarities that we are going to strengthen with the objective of achieving justice for Octavio and that what happened, it won’t happen again to someone else.”

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In addition, he stated that there is an investigation into the possibility of pointing to senior officers of the Cuautitlán Izcalli police for possible cover-up, although so far there is no evidence of the participation of senior officers.

“Let’s remember that we have another investigation by the Public Servants Prosecutor’s Office, where all the police officers who intervened at the scene and who did not protect it, who probably negligently eliminated evidence or test data, are being investigated. The police officers definitely did not follow the protocols and that is also a matter of investigation and criminal responsibility.”

He said that this Wednesday the deadline for the complementary investigation into the criminal proceedings against municipal police officer Leopoldo “N”, 45, for probable abuse of authority and manslaughter, expired.

“With the test data that we have, we will go to trial, and if the participation of high-ranking officers is detected within the trial, then it will be resolved in court.”

Manilla Contreras affirmed that with the harmonization of expert opinions proposed by the parties, it could mean access to justice.

“In every conviction there must be a reparation for the damage, this matter should not be the exception. Now, if we talk about those responsible being sentenced for the crimes they are accused of, then we will be close to achieving the justice and tranquility that the Ocaña family needs.”

Finally, he highlighted that the fact that Octavio Ocaña is a beloved and publicly recognized character has helped to make visible this type of behavior and impunity on the part of the police.

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“This case, without a doubt, should lay the foundations to more effectively combat impunity in this type of matter that, unfortunately, is very common.”


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