Gorillaz launches visuals of 'Storm' with Bad Bunny |  Video

british band Gorillaz launched a new video on its digital platforms where it shows the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Bad Bunny together with the characters of the musical group.

The video, which recreates the popular singer through animation, It is accompanied by the song “Tormenta”, which he performed with the band created in 1998, by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.

The fictional characters from the 2-D gang, Noodle, Murdoc Niccals, and Russel Hobbs, during this new audiovisual proposal launched by Gorillaz, they go hand in hand with the 29-year-old rapper, singing “love has never been perfect. Hopefully this moment will be forever. But if you don’t take advantage of me today…”

While “The bad rabbit” interprets the single, in a path full of explosive visual effects, with his white ears, beard, a pierced nose and sunglasses, the popular and beloved Gorillaz characters appear and disappear around him.

The collaboration of the interpreter of “Pretty Eyes” with Gorillaz is part of the most recent musical proposal from the British: “Craker Island”, an album released at the end of last month.

Prior to the premiere of “Storm”, Apple Music shared an interview with Damon Albarn, leader of Gorillaz, on his official YouTube channel, where the interpreter did not hesitate to explain how his collaboration with Bad Bunny was.

Albarn said that the idea for the song came up the first time he saw the reggaeton artist. According to what he said, he was in Jamaica and Bad Bunny was in Puerto Rico; Given the closeness of both, they decided to meet. During that first talk in the studio, the singer affirms that “there was a storm” and the next day they recorded the single, which after its publication, quickly positioned itself in views, reproductions and searches.

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