indigenous protest against dispossession and water scarcity in the country |  Photos and videos

Approximately 100 members of indigenous communities marched in Mexico City to protest against the dispossession of water at the hands of multinational companies and government institutions.

The mobilization was organized by the ‘National Assembly for Water and Life of the National Indigenous Congress’ and the protesters marched from the Ángel de la Independencia to the Zócalo within the framework of the ‘World Water Day’.

“We decided to take to the streets and denounce a national water law that legalizes the dispossession of water,” Diego García, a member of the Assembly, told the agency. EFE.

Among the different slogans that were launched throughout the march reference was made to the manufacturing plant that Tesla will be built in Nuevo León, as the protesters criticized the fact that international companies are given priority in a region where water is a scarce commodity.

The march, in which a diversity of demands were expressed, was headed by a dozen girls and boys dressed as fish while holding a banner that read:

The dispossession of water, a war against our peoples. It’s not drought, it’s looting.

Eduardo Chavarría, representative of the residents of San Sebastián Tecoloxtitla from the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, attended the march to request that the locality receives an amount of water according to its population volume.

They have us rationing our water, and they prefer to send us pipes, which are unhygienic. They have used water as a political tool to manipulate people and do not take into account our real need, which is that the water they send us is of poor quality.

The head of the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, admitted that more than half the country faces a “serious drought problem” and that the most important rivers in the country are so polluted that they cannot function as a source of supply.

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