They try to kidnap a woman in the Asturias neighborhood |  Video

After an attempted kidnapping occurred in the Asturias neighborhood, which was recorded on video, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City managed to arrest the alleged responsible.

According to the agency, this March 21, in broad daylight, a woman who was walking on Juan José Eguiara y Eguren street in the section that goes from Viaducto Río Piedad to Coruña, she was intercepted by a man with a firearm who tried to get her into a gray car, without license plates

Despite the death threat, the woman resisted, screamed for help and the attacker returned to his vehicle to start and flee to the side of Viaducto, so his image is lost.

The failed kidnapping attempt was recorded by a video surveillance camerafor which he began to run on social networks and the police authorities were informed.

Due to the media impact and the seriousness of the events, the capital’s police began to monitor the alleged attacker’s vehicle, using the video surveillance cameras of the C-5 to follow up on the event.

Subsequently, SSC personnel carried out intelligence work and field work to find the car, lable to locate the car gray in Rafael Delgado street in the Obrera neighborhood.

Because the driver of the suspicious vehicle was driving, the police officers They called him to check the documentation.

At the moment of getting out of the gray car, the uniformed officers observed that in the passenger seat there was a plastic bag in which green grass was observed, for which reason an inspection was carried out and they found 30 doses of apparent marijuana.

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Due to the above and to continue with the investigations of the case, the car, the probable drug and the detainee who was made aware of his legal rights, were made available to the corresponding Public Ministry agent.

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