Can Disney CEO Bob Iger Deliver on a Promise to Juggle Creativity and Costs?  |  analysis

With just weeks before a downsizing that will impact some 7,000 employees, many at the company tell TheWrap they’re weighing their less-than-magical options

With Bob Iger committed to reducing the Walt Disney Company’s massive debt with a round of companywide layoffs, said to affect as many as 7,000 of its “cast members” beginning as early as next week, the temperature inside the company is oscillating between nervous energy and Strange relief as the threat of joblessness looms.

“I’d be happy to be laid off” or a variation of that phrase is something The Wrap heard from multiple Disney employees, most of whom spoke with us on the condition of anonymity. That’s prompted by a combination of general anxiety, a stagnant creative environment and the shared sensation that during the pandemic, and particularly under the short-lived leadership of Bob Chapek, that the company has become a much less magical place to be. The abrupt departure of Marvel executive Victoria Alonso in the past week, with little internal explanation offered, only added to the unease.

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