The fall of Credit Suisse and its impact on the sport

Shareholders and employees are the main victims of the Credit Suisse falla bank that before the end of the year will be completely absorbed by its national rival UBSbut another possible victim will be the sportarea in which the entity of Zurich sponsored important eventsespecially in Switzerland.

With 167 years of history, the bank has made a special commitment in recent decades to placing its name and logo on stadiums and competition billboardsBut now that the sailboat has sunk, many wonder if many of the events it sponsored are in jeopardy.

Starting with the swiss football leaguewhose official name is currently Credit Suisse Football League since in 2021 the bank signed a contract to become the main sponsor of the tournament.

The Swiss Football Association was consulted on the matter at the weekend, assuring that it had obtained guarantees from Credit Suisse that the sponsorship would continue until the end of the contract, in June 2024.

The contract provided between 10 and 11 million francs per year to the highest soccer competition in Switzerland, and as he pointed out this Monday to the newspaper Tribune de Geneve the president of the federation, Dominique Blanc“for now everything continues as normal, the contracts are still valid and will be respected until the end.”

Another sport with an important presence of Credit Suisse is he tenniswhere Switzerland’s biggest celebrity, the now retired Roger Federerhas been an ambassador of the brand since 2009 and with his financial help he promoted the laver cupthe tournament between stars from Europe and the rest of the world that has so far played five editions in four countries.

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Credit Suisse has sponsored this tournament since 2018a year after its creation, and his contract ended this year, although in this case he does not appear as the main sponsor but as one of a list that also includes the Swiss Rolex but also multinationals from other countries such as UPS, Uniqlo either Mercedes.

One of Credit Suisse’s oldest sports sponsorships is its support of the Golf of Crans-Montanaan alpine town also known by ski fans, where the Zurich bank has been present since 1984.

He was our second sponsor after Omegathe contract that bound us to him is valid until the 2024 tournament, but our tournament is not in danger, there are no reasons for panic,” the director of the competition, director of the competition, told Tribune de Genève. Yves Mittaz.

In the motor world, its presence has been less than that of other multinationals, but since 2010 it has supported the Monaco Vintage Car Grand Prix.

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