Bad Bunny, first with a cover in Time magazine with text in Spanish

The singer Bad Bunnyof Puerto Rican origin, once again broke a milestone in the industry music in the United States, appearing on the cover of the magazine Timewhere for the first time, in its 100-year history, the entire text It’s in Spanish.

The new edition of the magazine will be published next Friday, April 10, as indicated by the media, where Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, first name of the most listened to artist in Spotify for the third consecutive year.

In the interview that will accompany the cover of the magazine, includes questions to the artist about what it was like growing up in Puerto Ricohis jump to the fame and success on Spotify, the achievements of your last record and tourthe movement of reggaetonits presentation in the latest edition of the Grammysand its political viewsadvanced the medium.

A summer without youhis fifth studio album that he released last year, which was rated by Time as the best of the year, and was the highest performing album of bill boardwith whom he broke the record income history for tour that year, with more than 435 million dollars won.

It also led him to the nomination of two awards grammyincluding that of Best Album of the Yearbecoming the first to Spanish to be nominated in this category in the history of the awards.

Unlike other Latino artists who reach the stardom in USABad Bunny “has refused to budge: in the language in which he sings; the political positions that assumes; the dresses and the nail polish she wears,” Time reported.

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The rise of the 29-year-old artist has been parallel to the complex period who is facing Puerto Ricoan issue that is reflected in several of his songs, which take themes of a political nature. The song from her last album “The blackout“refers to the constants power outages in Puerto Rico since privatized its electrical network under the current governor Pedro Pierluisi.

There is always space and opportunity to talk a little about everything“Benito told the magazine. “I believe that the Government has failed Puerto Rico, it has failed the United States. Similarly, Puerto Rico has failed Puerto Rico. I believe that all governments have failed their country at some time, ”he added.

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