They rescue a woman who was buried alive in a cemetery in Brazil |  Video

A 36-year-old woman was rescued alive from inside a niche in a cemetery in Brazilwhere she had been buried in retaliation for allegedly losing a load of “weapons and drugs,” official sources reported Tuesday.

The event took place in the municipal cemetery of the city of Visconde de Rio Branco, in the state of Minas Gerais (southeast), reported the Military Police.

The alert to the authorities was given by a group of gravediggers after noticing that one of the vertical niches was closed with “bricks and fresh cement”, and that around there were “traces of blood”.

When they got to the place, Officers heard cries for “help” from inside the niche, they broke through the brick wall and found a woman with “wounds on her head and various cuts on her body.”

Immediately afterwards, they called the emergency medical services, who transferred her to a hospital to be treated.

The woman that He has a record for drug trafficking and theft.declared that she was at home accompanied by her husband, when “two hooded individuals” broke into their home and began to attack them.

According to her testimony, her husband managed to “free himself” and “escape” from the two assailants.

“From that moment on, he remembered nothing else until he woke up in the grave“, reported the Military Police of Minas Gerais in the statement.

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The victim also stated that, prior to his kidnapping, had lost a load of “weapons and drugs” which he saved for two subjects.

The Military Police reported that has already identified two suspects of “20 and 22 years” as possible authors of the episode, although he has not yet been able to locate them. (EFE)

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