They try to put out a fire due to the clandestine taking of Nafta in Tabasco

Tabasco Civil Protection continues with the attempts to put out the fire that caused the explosion in a clandestine intake of light Nafta on a Pemex pipeline, in the Ejido de Cárdenas.

During the early morning an explosion was recorded in a section of kilometer 126 of the Cárdenas Villahermosa highway.

So far, the authorities indicate that the balance is one person injured and three vehicles on fire, so the incident was attended by the firefighting team of the Sabana Regional Center.

“The valves of the 24” pipeline of Light Nafta have already been closed while the incident is being controlled.

According to the reports, one person was injured and was promptly treated by Red Cross personnel, in addition, fire is reported in three tanker trucks and one vehicle.

Until now, work continues to put out the fire, which, according to the authorities, does not represent a risk to the population near the area.

Pemex fire control technicians are expected to repair the pipeline.

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