Wave of outrage over video of fire at immigration detention center in Juárez

This Monday afternoon, a video was released showing the fire that killed 40 migrants in a detention center of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in Ciudad Juárez.

The Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, said in a radio interview that he is aware of the video and pointed out the Chihuahua government for disseminating it.

The images show what appears to be a security room, a fence, and several migrants behind it.

On the left side you can see a focus of fire that is growing, like a cloud of smoke that little by little covers the shot. It is only 32 seconds until visibility is lost, but in that time the guards are seen leaving the area, without trying to help the detained migrants.

they were locked up

According to the report of The Truth Juarez, The migrants had been secured on Monday and taken to the area, which was locked up and they were not provided with drinking water for several hours.

According to this version, they were the migrants who set fire to the facilities waiting for the door to be opened for them, but they began to intoxicate and burn. Now the video provides the reaction that the authorities had.

wave of outrage

The video and the context in which the tragedy occurred has generated a strong reaction on social networks, given the loss of human life and the reaction of the authorities.

Here some comments:

-Viridiana Rios, academic and analyst: Incredible. The authorities present and seem unfazed.

-Bertha Michelle Mendoza (journalist in Guatemala): This is too much. It is aberrational and painful. That not even a million communications can be fixed because it is insulting to read or listen to an explanation of this cruelty.

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-Porfirio Munoz Ledo: The crematorium of Ciudad Juárez The bonfire in which 39 migrant brothers were burned this morning in Ciudad Juárez, is not a fortuitous accident but a State crime.

-Denise Dresser, political scientist: Video of what happened in Ciudad Juárez is horrifying. INM personnel leave migrants they have imprisoned to die. What Mexican humanism? What respect for human rights? What minimum security protocols? Mexico hurts. #wasthestate

-Xavier Tello, Analyst: In the ABC Nursery fire, the caregivers risked their lives to save as many girls and boys as possible. Here some cowardly criminals abandoned their prisoners to their death.

-Valeria Moy, head of the IMCO: My God. What a horrible thing. It’s not just a tragedy. It’s a crime.

-Catalina Perez Correa, academic: Why were they locked up? What crime did they commit? The crime of being a migrant, of seeking better living conditions. #wasthestate

-Gina Andrea Cruz Blackledge (PAN senator): We are waiting for what Rosario Piedra says. Surely she will have other information. CNDH Who are they going to blame now?

-Yuridia Avila, journalist: The agents had time to walk out of the cell several times, see their cell phone, and they did not make the slightest effort to get them out of there. He is very serious, dehumanizing and criminal.


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