Adán Augusto attributes responsibility for Migration to Ebrard

The Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, affirmed that Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard is in charge of dealing with and responding to immigration issues, in the context of the tragedy that left 40 people dead in a fire at the detention center operated by the National Institute of Migration in Ciudad Juárez.

In an interview on TV Formula, he maintained that the matter is formally in the hands of Segob, since the National Institute of Migration is attached to that area.

However, he announced that there is an agreement in the federal government so that the chancellery, in charge of Ebrard, is in charge of the matter.

He also said that all officials will enter to attend to “delicate” issues:

Although formally it is the Ministry of the Interior, for administrative purposes, there is an agreement within the Government and it is Marcelo, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, who is in charge of the migration issue.

It is a matter of teamwork, of shared responsibilities.


At 9:56 in the morning, Marcelo Ebrard published a message to regret the facts:

I deeply regret the events that occurred in Ciudad Juárez and the loss of life that they brought with them. In communication with embassies and consulates to support victims and their families.

Throughout the day, Foreign Minister Ebrard has been on tour in the state of Nuevo León to tour the area where the Tesla factory will be installed.

The head of SRE has been accompanied by the governor, Samuel García:

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