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    While Ari Aster’s new film ‘Beau’s Afraid’ has yet to be released in theaters, the director is already thinking about his next project. The director has revealed in an interview with The New York Times that his next project will “almost certainly” be a western.. The genre may be an unexpected change after his horror pieces, but Aster could be accompanied by a familiar face: Joaquin Phoenix, who after appearing in this new film could return to star in the filmmaker’s new proposal.

    Aster is about to release his third film and has already established himself as a horror icon and has certainly established himself as a creative force through his chilling films: 2018’s ‘Hereditary’ and 2019’s ‘Midsommar’. It is logically surprising that the author’s next project takes an unexpected direction.

    Whatever style Aster explores next, the filmmaker is looking forward to working with Phoenix again, whom he says he built “a real courtship” with during the months of dating between the two leading up to the production of ‘Beau’. The filmmaker has praised the actor and his creative sensibilities, calling him a “ruthless investigator… if something feels fake or not right, you won’t be able to do it. It’s not even about him refusing to do something: his body will stop him. Aster has described his time working with Phoenix as “the best experience of my life.”:”It also taught me how I want to work in the future: the seriousness with which I expect an actor to approach any role.”


    Joaquin Phoenix’s feeling for the filmmaker is mutual. He has nothing but praise for Aster. Speaking of his experience with the director, the actor revealed: “I knew that I could never, ever just ‘act’ in front of Ari, it’s something I find repulsive and difficult to do. You couldn’t do that with Ari. I would feel it immediately. It’s good know you’re working with someone like that.” While the film was a challenging experience for the actor, who delves into heavy subjects like family trauma, he insists, “I enjoy things that are sometimes hard to achieve.” Though he went on to state that the duo found time to laugh despite the film’s big theme, saying that “we certainly laughed a lot. What do you call it? Black humor. The characters are going through such great trauma that you don’t have a choice.” more than finding something funny about it.”

    ‘Beau’s Afraid’ is about a man who will have to face his fears and paranoia as he embarks on an epic odyssey to get home from his controlling mother.

    The film will hit theaters on April 28. by Diamond Films.

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