Claudia Piñeiro and the Iranian critic Negar Azini will be present at the Festival of the Book and the Rose

With more than 300 activities, including tributes, presentations, workshops, dialogue tables, readings, narratives and performing arts, from April 21 to 23 the XV edition of the Festival of the Book and the Rose This University Cultural Center (CCU) of the UNAM and alternate venues.

With the motto Resist with the word: possible utopias, the meeting will count on the presence of the iranian criticism Deny Azimias well as Alma Delia Murillo, Enrique Serna, Santiago Rocangliolo, Claudia Pineiro, Alejandro Villarreal and Brenda Rios.

Throughout three days there will be more than 115 book presentations and nearly 40 discussion tables, as well as plays, poetry readings, oral narratives, and musical events that will take place in 8 forums located at the CCU.

In order to strengthen the spaces for professionalization, the Colloquium Books, publishing and culture of peace of the General Directorate of Publications and Editorial Development UNAM and the first International Seminar for professionals in cultural mediation Libros con mordaza: Censorship in Children’s and Youth Literature of the José Emilio Pacheco Extraordinary Chair for the Promotion of Reading, of the Department of Literature.

In this edition, each day of the Festival will have music. Borges’s Tigers, Sound the Rebellious and a surprise band that will put together a 15-year-old dance will be in charge of inviting attendees to move their feet.

Girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 14 will have a space in the Creativity Forum with the program “Here you count + and – 12!”. During the three days there will be talks and workshops on topics of astronomy, philosophy and history. For their part, young people between the ages of 15 and 18 will have activities in the Arcadia and Metropolis forums.

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The Party will begin its activities on Friday, April 21, at 10 am, at the Foro Libertad. After the opening ceremony, a conversation will be held between the writers Claudia Pineiro (Argentina), Rosa Beltran and Julia Santibanez.

In the Freedom Forum, at 12 pm, the table will be held “Is it worth telling everything?”with Emiliano MongeSarah Uribe, mercedes halfon (Argentina) and Julián Herbert, while at 3 pm will take place “Last laugh: new humor challenges”, with the participation of Jis and Trino. The activities of the forum will be closed by the Half Band Los Tigres de Borges, with Héctor Zárate and Julián Herbert.

That day, at 7 pm, at the Utopia Forum, the presentation of the books will take place. punctured newspaper and The work of the eyes by Mercedes Halfón (Argentina), in which the author will talk with the writer Guadalupe Nettel.

On Saturday 22 at 11am, at the Libertad Forum, the book will be presented here there is no thirst of Alberto Villarreal, who will talk with Rodrigo Unda. At 12 pm it will be the table “Religious Censorship”with the participation of Negar Azimi (Iran), João Paulo Cuenca (Brazil) and Santiago Roncagliolo (Peru), while at 1 pm Boris Muñoz (Venezuela) and javier sicilia with Jacobo Dayan in the table “Militarization and freedom of the press”. In the afternoon the table will be held “The Last Supper. A tribute to Javier Valdez” with Eduardo Antonio Parra, Benito Taibo and Antonio Ramos Revillas, followed by the presentation of the book The year the devil was bornwith Santiago Roncagliolo (author) and Gabriela Warkentin.

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He will close the day with Sonido la Revoltosa, which recovers the popular music that is heard and danced in Mexico City.

As part of this second day of activities, the José Emilio Pacheco Extraordinary Chair will hold the First International Seminar for professionals in cultural mediation Libros con mordaza: Censorship in Children’s and Youth Literature, in which Claudia Piñeiro (Argentina), Ana Griott (Spain), Isol (Argentina), Adolfo Córdoba (Mexico), Andrea Fuentes (Mexico) and Antonio Ramos (Mexico) will participate.

On Sunday, April 23, at the Utopia Forum, they will talk Naief Yehya and Sylvia Aguilar-Zéleny in the table “Literary taboos”. The book Loyalty to the Ghost by Enrique Serna will also be presented and there will be a Tribute to Ricardo Garibay with Mary Carmen Sánchez Ambriz, Josefina Estrada and Joaquín Diez Canedo.

At 5 pm, at the Foro Libertad, the Fiesta will celebrate its 15th anniversary with a dance set with a musical fusion of danzón, rock, punk, ska and others, with a surprise group that will share its concept, based on the reinterpretation of the traditional marimba

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