Taxi driver is forced to remove stickers that promote violence against women

Salina Cruz, Oax.- For having stickers promoting violence against womenthe highway police of Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, forced the driver of the taxi 248 of the Solidarity site, at remove them.

This action corresponds to the campaign aimed at the protection of women and against violence and also to complaints that users made on social networks.

The stickers were on the back of the yellow cab.

The highway authority in charge of the commander, Rolando López Pineda, emphasized that there are some accessories u objects that are prohibited in public transportin accordance with the Traffic Regulations of the State of Oaxaca.

I just wanted to make people smile: Taxi driver

The operator of the unit said through a publication on his social networks that he has been a respectful taxi driver with the users.

“As every person waters it on something, I watered it with those stickers when I just wanted to make a smile to make the day of all those people who saw me at each of the traffic lights of the port of Salina Cruz.”

The users applauded this action, as they pointed out that it is an example for other service providers to prevent them from promoting violence against women.

Salina Cruz has Gender Violence Alert

Salina Cruz is one of the 40 municipalities of this southern entity, which since August 31, 2018, has activated the Gender Violence Alert.

Just last March 11, two young people were shot to death in this municipality, without the feminicides being arrested so far.

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