The Chamber of Deputies approves that the validity of the Single Price in the books be extended from 18 to 36 months

The National Chamber of the Mexican Publishing Industry (CANIEM) expressed its appreciation to the Chamber of Deputies for having approved with 473 votes in favor, zero against, and zero abstentions, the Opinion with a draft decree that reforms, adds, and repeals various provisions to the Law for the Promotion of Reading and Booksin terms of “Only price” in its plenary session on Tuesday, March 28.

The approval of this reform represents, the agency expressed in a statement, “a great advance in public policies for culture and the promotion of reading, since at extend the validity of the single price of books, going from 18 to 36 months and by extending its benefits to digital reading, competitiveness is promoted on equal terms and opportunities for small neighborhood publishers and bookstores with a more open, fair and accessible market; thus positioning the country at the forefront internationally with countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Chile, Brazil and Japan”.

The measure adds, will allow a greater bibliodiversity and the culture of reading will be promoted in an equitable and democratic way among the population, “because by guaranteeing to acquire the desired title at any point of sale throughout the national territory at fair prices, it will allow those who live in remote communities, towns and neighborhoods can enjoy reading with the same quality and diversity as those who live in big cities.”

The reform approved by the deputies also endows the Ministry of Culture and the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO) with the necessary powers to regulate, monitor and guarantee its adequate and legal compliance for the benefit of small bookstores and the reading public.

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The statement concludes with an appeal to the Senate of the Republic to “quickly approve these reforms to the Law for the Promotion of Reading and Books, so that their benefits can become a reality for the entire Mexican population.”

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