The jury that will decide the indictment of Trump will take a month of recess

The grand jury that must decide the imputation of former president Donald Trump (2017-2021) for a payment to the porn actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence is going to take a month off, according to several US media outlets this Wednesday.

This recess of the grand jury – a body that studies several cases at the same time and decides whether or not there is a basis for holding a trial – responds to a previously agreed calendar, says the portal, so it has not been decided specifically in relation to the Trump case.

In fact, it is scheduled to meet on Thursday, but to see a different case, and it will be from then on when a break is taken, which coincides with Holy Week and the following Easter, which are used by many Americans as periods vacation.

The grand jury does not usually officially communicate its programming or detail the cases it is dealing with each day, but it is known from leaks to some media that it did deal with Trump’s case last Monday, to request a second testimony from David Pecker.

Pecker, former owner of The National Enquirer, was allegedly summoned to explain what he knew about the payment of $130,000 (120,000 euros) to Daniels, as he allegedly warned Trump that Daniels planned to publish his testimony about a sexual relationship with Trump and I was looking for a media outlet that wanted to do it.

With this pause, the attention paid to the grand jury will relax after ten days ago Trump himself assured that its 23 members were going to confirm his accusation and immediately afterwards he would be arrested, which ultimately did not happen.

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And if that notice from Trump brought together numerous media at the gates of the court where the grand jury meets, in recent days its presence has been declining, as have the groups of people demonstrating for or against the former president. .

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