Peter Dinklage to star in Toxic Avenger reboot

You don’t have to worry about anything. They have revealed some details of the new version of The Toxic Avenger and it will surely live up to the original.

For some time now they have been preparing the reboot of the legendary Z movie, The Toxic Avenger, with a good director and a luxury cast. But many people feared that they would not reach the level of the original, since it has a very peculiar humor and is very gory. But we have good news, as they will give the fans what they want.

This has been revealed by the sound editor Casey Genton in a recent interview with SF.

“There’s one moment in particular that we call Butt Guts, and without going into too much detail, there’s a scene comparable to one in the original movie where a car hits a child’s head. It’s pretty out there. I think it’s a different crack. In addition there was a softer version of the script, but it was finally decided to give the fans what they want. Fans of the original are so far delighted with the film.”

The Motion Picture Association gave The Toxic Avenger an R rating for strong violence and gore, foul language throughout, sexual references, and brief graphic nudity. In fact, the lead actor, Peter Dinklage, called it just as deranged and depraved as the original.

Peter Dinklage to star in Toxic Avenger reboot

Directed by Macon Blair (Night of the Wolves, Swamp Thing), the cast, apart from Peter Dinklage, also includes Jacob Tremblay, Elijah Wood, Kevin Bacon, Jane Levy, Sarah Niles, Julian Kostov, Taylour Paige, Spencer Wilding, Julia Davis, Macon Blair, Jonny Coyne, Lee Eddy, Atanas Srebrev, David Yow, Rebecca O’Mara, Brent Werzner and Abraham Lewis.

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What is the original movie about?

The Toxic Avenger is an independent feature film directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, produced by Troma Entertainment, which was released in 1984 and quickly became a cult film, which is still remembered and appreciated by many fans of the genre today.

The protagonist is Melvin Junko, a janitor from a small town called Tromaville. He is constantly ridiculed by the town’s residents, until one day he falls into a barrel of toxic waste and transforms into the Toxic Avenger. With his newfound powers and a thirst for revenge, Melvin fights crime and corruption in Tromaville.

The Toxic Avenger
The Toxic Avenger

Although the film is known for its violent and grotesque scenes, it also has a touch of humor and social satire. The characters are over the top and cartoonish, and the plot ridicules corrupt politicians and the toxic waste industry.

The Toxic Avenger does not yet have a release date, but hopefully they will show us the first trailer soon.

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