UNAM Film Library will pay posthumous tribute to 'Chabelo'

The UNAM Film Library will pay a posthumous tribute to the actor, comedian and television presenter in April Xavier López “Chabelo”who passed away on March 25 at the age of 88.

In an informative note, the UNAM Film Library indicated that will exhibit for free in the José Revueltas Hall of the University Cultural Center two of his most emblematic films under the direction of José Estrada, sharing credits with Martín Campos “Pepito” and produced by Churubusco Studios, Alameda Films and Alfredo Ripstein

The tribute will take place next April 1 and 2 at 10:00 a.m.. On Saturday, “Chabelo y Pepito contra los monstruos” (Mexico, 1973, 90 min) by José Estrada will be screened, while on Sunday “Chabelo y Pepito detectives” (Mexico, 1974, 84 min).

In “Chabelo and Pepito against the monsters” Pepito and his cousin Chabelo go on an excursion with their scout group. However, both are separated from the group and are chased by a furious gorilla. Trying to escape they reach a cave where they will meet monsters like Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolf Man and others. Terrified, Pepito and Chabelo will flee looking for the exit, but what they will discover is something else that will surprise them and that will explain the mystery of why there are so many monsters hidden underground.

Talking about “Chabelo and Pepito detectives“, the police make the cousins ​​Chabelo and the boy Pepito, honorary members of the investigation brigade, join a youth gang to find out who runs it. However, what these two do not imagine is that the people who work in said gang are not beings from this planet and that they will have to overcome endless setbacks to defeat the boss and rescue all those who work as slaves for him.

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Xavier López Rodríguez was born in Chicago, Illinois (United States) on February 17, 1935 and passed away on March 25, 2023 in Mexico City.

When he had just turned one year old, his parents returned to their native León, Guanajuato in where he stayed until he was 18 years old, to later return to his native country to perform military service. Later, along with his family, he traveled to Mexico City to study medicine, a career he pursued for a few years before devoting himself fully to working at Televicentro, today Televisa.

The driver was a milestone in the history of Mexican television, since for more than 40 years, he accompanied thousands of viewers every Sunday morning with the program: Family with Chabelo.

The beloved ‘Chabelo’ emerged in the nascent Mexican Telesistema –now Televisa– when the announcer Ramiro Gamboa asked Xavier López to read a joke that was sold in books.

The joke was about a little boy, to whom he gave a voice, one that would characterize him for the rest of his career by becoming a ‘Chabelo’, the friend of all children.

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