With more than 150 activities, Mexico will be the guest of honor at the Bogota International Book Fair

The 35th edition of the Bogotá International Book Fair, FILBo, will take place from April 18 to May 2 and will have more than 1,800 activities. With Mexicofor the third time, as Guest of Honor Countrythe meeting will be held under the motto Roots and encounters: for a future of peace for Our America, in order to highlight the common roots of both peoples and the multiple encounters that have taken place throughout 200 years of history.

During the presentation of the program held at the Rosario Castellanos Bookstore, Marco Barrera, coordinator of the International Linkage of the FCE, reported that the Mexican Pavilion at the FILBo will cover an area of ​​3 thousand square meters. It should be noted that it was built with completely recyclable and/or reusable materials, which will not leave an ecological footprint since they will not generate waste.

Likewise, it will house the Librería del Corazón, with more than 30,000 titles for all tastes, including novels, short stories, graphic novels, poetry, essays, children’s and youth literature; the children’s bookstore “The worst lady in the world”, named in homage to the work of Francisco Hinojosa, which was illustrated by Rafael Barajas “El Fisgón”, and an auditorium for more than 350 people, where around 150 activities literary and artistic representative of our country.

The activities that will take place in the Pavilion and in different cultural venues in the City of Bogotá will revolve around five milestones: 200 years of the international relationship between Mexico and Colombia; the centenary of Mexican muralism; the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the assassination of General Francisco Villa, the 35th anniversary of the FILBo and the 15th anniversary of the “Gabriel García Márquez” Cultural Center of the FCE, located in Bogotá.

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In addition, there will be plastic samples “In the Fund not everything is letters”, exhibition of the graphic that has accompanied the editions of the FCE in its almost 90 years of existence and that pays homage to Francis ToledoVicente Rojo and Rafael López Castro; “Codices of Mexico and inventories of the world”a joint exhibition of photographs by the Tzotzil artist Maruch Santiz, linked to the facsimilars of the Aubin, Mendocino and Boturini codices and a tribute to the writer Gabriel García Márquez, 40 years after he received the Nobel Prize for Literature, consisting of photographs of Leo Tintthe award medal and a copy of the first edition of one hundred years of solitude.

In addition, the Pavilion will offer three immersive exhibits: “Biological Diversity”, “Cultural Diversity” and “Mexican Muralism” and, through the seven audio frames that make up the “Soundscapes” exhibition, the musical diversity of Mexico will be exposed. The graphic wall will be exhibited We are the memory of oblivioncreated by 10 Latin American artists, which will be delivered to the Museum of the National Center for Historical Memory of Colombia, at the end of the FILBo.

The Mexican delegation will be made up of more than 230 people. The director of the FCE, Paco Ignacio Taibo, pointed out that this Mexican representation will have more than 90 writers, writers, editors, journalists and illustrators, all of them with a recognized trajectory in all literary genres and of the most different ages.

Both in the programming and in the activities that will be in charge of the Mexican delegation, emphasis will be placed on the approach of the pacification processes and the search for respect for human rights, carried out in each country.

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Regarding the stage programming, Mariana Aymerich Ordóñez, General Director of Promotion and Cultural Festivals and Head of the General Directorate of International Affairs, of the Ministry of Culture, highlighted that it will begin at the Teatro Colón, with the presence of Lucía Pulido. The group will also participate White monkey and 22 girls from Creative Seedbeds – collective creation groups promoted by the federal Ministry of Culture in the country – coming from Guerrero, Sonora, Isla Mujeres and Quintana Roo, with a piece created by them titled they call me black. Likewise, the Folkloric Ballet of Mexico and the ensembles of Son Jarocho and Mariachi will be present, among several other activities.


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