With tears, Jeremy Renner narrates accident in interview for Disney +

On January 1st, Jeremy Rennerfamous for playing hawkeye in the film series MarvelThe Avengers“He was the victim of a spectacular snow plow accident at his home in Nevada.

Quickly, after a 911 call for help, the actor was treated by the emergency services and taken to the emergency room in “critical but stable condition.”

Photo: Screenshot

Renner He was diagnosed with “closed chest trauma and orthopedic injuries,” since he was buried by a 6,500-kilo snowplow, causing him fractures in more than 30 bones.

At that time, social networks were filled with concern for the actor’s life and expectation about the progress of his state of health. Days later, through his official Instagram account, the Marvel star posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed, smiling and thanking his fans for their support.

Last March 26th, Jeremy published a video where he is seen performing therapy on a specialized machine that allows him to walk on your own feet.

“Now I have to find OTHER things to occupy my time so that my body can recover”

Now, 4 months later, Jeremy gave an interview to Diana Sawyer about what he experienced in the accident, the sensations and the recovery process he is going through. In it, the actor confesses that he saw how the machine was approaching his nephew and he, without hesitation, acted risking his life to save his nephew’s.

The interview will be broadcast on the 6 of April on BBC and the april 7 by Disney+.


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