Billie Eilish fan locks himself in waiting for a concert in the portable toilet of the Foro Sol

The heavy rain frustrated the plans of thousands of Billie Eilish fanswho had a ticket for the concert of the March 29 in the Sun Forum.

Candres Peredoa ‘tiktokero’ with more than 1.7 million followers, was one of the many attendees at the Mexico City venue who, despite the rain, remained in place in the face of uncertainty about whether or not the concert would take place.

I’m locked in a bathroom in the middle of a Billie Eilish concert,” Peredo told his followers on TikTok from inside a portable toilet at Foro Sol.

The young man explained that when the rain began, together with his companion, they took shelter on a small roof near the area of ‘General’ access hoping it would pass soon.

In the video he shows that, between laughs, Run to the safe place.

However, the rain didn’t stop as they grew and for more than two hours it continued to rain. Footage shows people running for shelter, some wearing disposable raincoats.

Comically, Candres Peredo revealed to his followers that in addition to the rain, he had to struggle looking for a bathroom for more than two hours until he found an empty one from which he recorded.

“I was dying, I couldn’t breathe, I had never lasted so long going to the bathroom. My kidneys hurt, my lungs, the organs that I didn’t know could hurt.”

Finally, weather conditions prevented the concert from taking place.

After the rain stopped, the singer and her brother Finneas Baird they came out on stage to apologize and sang some songs for their fans.

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Thursday morning, Ticketmaster and OCESA They confirmed that the concert of the American singer was rescheduled for this March 30 at the same venue.

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