Subway derailment reported in Indios Verdes;  causes delays

The assumption was reported from social networks derailment of a train inside the Ticomán Workshops in the station Green Indians. Unit was not operating with passengersso it was not reported no injuredbut it has caused delays in the line 3 of the Meter.

This line is one of the busiest within the Collective Transport Network of the CDMXand the delays are presented the penultimate business day before the Easter.

In today’s newsletter, it was stated that the staff of the transport unit already in place to carry out a investigation and determine if it was for a failure within the system or if it was provokedas has been reported in the media.

Likewise, the technical specialists in trains and tracks are already carrying out maneuvers to pick up the wagon on the road and incorporate it to the workshop area.

Authorities maintained that the incident did not hit on operation of Line 3, since “the cumshots of trains according to established itinerary“.

However, from the profile of Subway Guide on Twitter, it was reported that users from the subway reported delayed services in Indios Verdes due to the uncoupling of the train, as well as saturated platforms and accesses.

The events take place one day after the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaumwill announce the exit gradual growth of members of the National Guard from the city’s subway stations.

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