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52 years after his acting debut in ‘Chill in the Night’ and his many films intertwining acting and directing, Clint Eastwood, Hollywood legend, he could be working on his last movie before retiring.

According to a rumor from Discussing FilmEastwood he would already be preparing what would be the last film of his extensive career. So far it would be known that the film would be shot together with Warner Bros., where Eastwood has been making his films for the last 15 years. Despite so many years of work there, the data is somewhat surprising because, according to data that came to light last year by the Wall Street Journal, the relationship between the studio and the filmmaker would have deteriorated with the merger of Warner Bros. Discovery. Also, at the time, the company’s new president and CEO, David Zaslav, would have been asking WB executives about the budget for ‘Cry Macho’, Eastwood’s last film at the studio.

Despite what happened with the merger, the relationship could have recovered in the face of this new film currently titled ‘Juror #2’. Although the casting has not formally begun yet, rumors indicate that it would be a thriller that would follow “a a juror in a murder trial, who realizes that he could have caused the death of the victim and is caught in the dilemma of trying to manipulate the jury to save himself or confess the truth and plead guilty“. It would be an original script by Eastwood himself.

Internal conversations suggest that this will be the director’s last film and the rumor indicates that “his current plan is to retire completely” later, although there could always be the possibility of making another film, if this one had great potential and caught Eastwood’s attention.

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A highly recognized career

Although the last few years have been known above all for his role as directorfor which he has been awarded twice for best director and best film by the Academy for his films ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘Unforgiven’, getting 4 Oscars, Eastwood He has also had a long career as an actor.. From his beginnings with ‘Dirty Harry’ or ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ to his latest works with ‘Mula’, ‘Cry Macho’ or ‘El francotirador’, the filmmaker has received 177 nominations and 158 awards throughout his career.

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