'Criticism in its labyrinth: what to do?', a forum to promote thought and organized debate

In order to reflect on the importance of plural debate, the meeting will be held Criticism in its labyrinth: what to do?coordinated by Grace of the Towerholder of the C.Inés Amor International Chair in Cultural Management; Jacobo Dayandirector of Tlatelolco University Cultural Centerand the researcher and art critic Maria Minera.

The forum promoted by UNAM will take place from April 11 to June 29 of this year and intellectuals and scientists will participate, including the writer Héctor Aguilar Camín, the visual artist Lorraine Wolfferthe cultural manager Giovanna Jaspersenlawyer Jose Ramon Cossiopoet and activist javier siciliathe anthropologist Roger Bartrathe biologist julia carabiasthe biologist Antonio Lazcanothe political scientist Jesus Silva-Herzog and the lawyer Sergio Lopez Ayllon.

With 13 dialogue tables and a magisterial conference In charge of the researcher Roger Bartra, it will be carried out in a hybrid way, with some tables remotely and others face-to-face at the Carlos Chávez Hall of the University Cultural Centerseeks to think about the phenomenon and evaluate the challenges facing sociology, critical thinking and democracy.


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