Find a 4.6-kilo gold nugget in Australia

The search for gold is not something that has been relegated to the old West of two centuries ago, but is still fully valid. What is no longer so frequent is that a simple amateur, equipped with a simple metal detector for 700 euros, manages to find a gold nugget weighing no less than 4.6 kilos.

It has happened in the state of Victoria (Australia), which is located in the so-called Golden Triangle, which still contains, according to experts, more than two million kilos of gold.

It all started when a citizen equipped with a conventional metal detector searched the area and suddenly found a very special rock. He unearthed a piece of almost 5 kilos that was transferred to an appraiser specialized in this type of metal, Darren Kamp, owner of the Lucky Strike Gold store.

Kamp said he often gets visitors like this, but he’s never before seen a rock of 4.6 kilos, of which 2.6 are pure gold. “When he came into my hands, my jaw dropped,” this professional told CNN, who did not reveal the identity of the discoverer.

“I have never seen a rock of this size with such an amount of gold in her; it is a once-in-a-lifetime discovery,” he added.

The author of the discovery split the rock into two halves and took one of them to the aforementioned Darren Kamp store. The stone, however, was dirty and at first did not appear to contain as much gold. It was when he washed it that he appreciated the immense value of that piece. The discoverer asked Kamp if he could get 10,000 Australian dollars (about 6,000 euros), and he replied that he could easily get 100,000. In fact, when calculating the value of the two halves, it was fixed at 240,000 Australian dollars, that is, about 150,000 euros.

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Since the device that this fan used barely costs 740 euros (a model called the Minelab Equinox 800), the investment has paid off. The discovery was made at the end of December, but it has not been until now when Darren Kamp has made the facts known.

Australia is considered the country with the world’s largest gold reserves.. During the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the gold rush took hold in Australia and important finds were made, especially in the Victoria area.


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