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The series of the season is not from HBO, nor from Netflix or any other streaming platform. It has been possible to follow the Internet and has had thousands of people hooked around the world. Gwyneth Paltrow’s trial against Terry Sanderson, the retired optometrist who accused her of causing a skiing accident, has come to an end with the verdict in favor of the actress and businesswoman founder of Goop, who has been released from all responsibility for what happened.

To recap, in 2016, Paltrow and Sanderson, 76, had an accident on the beginner slopes of a ski resort in Utah (United States). They both agreed that there had been a crash, but they did not agree on who had caused it. Sanderson sued the Oscar-winning ‘Shakespeare in Love’ actress for $3.1 million, accusing her of reckless skiing and being responsible for the accident, which left him with a concussion, four broken ribs and a head injury. That lawsuit was dismissed and a new one was filed against the well-known interpreter for $300,000. She, for her part, countersued Sanderson asking for the symbolic amount of one dollar, plus his attorney’s fees.

The trial began on March 21 and, ten days later, the judge has pronounced his verdict, concluding that Sanderson was responsible for the collision and awarding Paltrow the dollar she requested in her counterclaim. The judge has ruled in favor of the actress’s version, which detailed during the trial how Sanderson had hit her from behind while she watched her daughters go down the track. The plaintiff offered the opposite version, stating that it was the actress who collided with him from behind.

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Thus concludes the media trial, which has had the testimony of both parties, in addition to the participation of experts in medicine and skiing. The process has been broken down in detail on social networkswhere Paltrow’s daily wardrobe choices (described as casual chic) ​​have been scrutinized and moments like the mention of singer Taylor Swift (who also asked for a token dollar in a lawsuit against a DJ she accused of groping her) have gone viral. ) or the testimony of Sanderson, who claimed not to be able to enjoy the wine tastings because of the accident.

Sincere gesture or curse?

Paltrow has expressed her satisfaction with the verdict in statements to the press after the conclusion of the trial. The actress says she is “happy with the result” and affirms that “giving in to a false accusation compromised my integrity”. Paltrow then thanked the jury for ruling in her favor.

The trial concluded with a very ‘Lost in Translation’ viral moment in which Paltrow, heading towards the exit, stopped for a second to touch her plaintiff’s shoulder and say something in her ear. Sanderson himself has confirmed to the press that the actress whispered “I wish you the best”, to which he replied “Thank you, dear.”. The gesture, which Sanderson describes as “very kind”, has been applauded in networks, but also received with many jokes and memes, as usual.

“This is the darkest curse you can receive from a white woman”

“This is how ‘The Sopranos’ should have ended”

“It’s the same”

“This looks like a curse”

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