Ivanka, Trump's favorite daughter, is 'hurt' by her father and the US

Ivanka Trumpthe former president’s favorite daughter donald trumpaffirmed this Friday that she was “hurt” by her father and the country, after the ex-president was defendant Thursday by a New York grand jury.

“I love my father and I love my country. Today, I’m hurt for both of us“Ivanka Trump said in a message on Instagram.

He also expressed his “appreciation” for the voices in the US political spectrum “expressing support and concern.”

Photo: Instagram (Ivanka Trump)

Donald Trump became the first former US president to face criminal charges after being indicted that same day by a New York grand jury in a case related to a payment to buy with money from the 2016 presidential election campaign the silence of the porn actress stormy danielswhich ensures that he had a sexual relationship with the former president in 2006.

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, parents of three children, were White House advisers during the Trump Presidency, with appointment included, which generated much criticism in the US.

Since her father’s departure from the White House in January 2021, Ivanka Trump has distanced herself from politics and focused on her family and children. She was not even present at the launch of her father’s campaign last November to seek the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election.

In the past, the second of Trump’s five children had to testify before the congressional committee that investigated the storming the capitol on January 6, 2021 by supporters of the then-Republican president who tried to prevent the Democrat’s victory from being certified Joe Biden in the 2020 elections.

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Ivanka Trump was also investigated by the Justice, as were her brothers Eric and Donald Jr., in a case for alleged financial irregularities in the family business group.

Ivanka, Eric and Donald are the fruit of Trump’s marriage to the late Czech model and skier Ivana Zelníckova. The former president has two other children, Tiffany, by his second wife, actress Marla Maples, and Barron, by his current wife, former first lady Melania Trump.


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