Juarez fire |  Migration agents protest the arrest of colleagues

at least 10 agents of the National Institute of Migration (IMM) they protested by detention of three of his classmates for the death of 39 migrants after the fire in a migration center in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

The demonstration took place after authorities reported that five people were arrested, including three INM officials and two private security police officers.

The agents demonstrated at the headquarters of the Córdova-Americas International Bridge, which links Mexico with the United States, and pointed out that the detention of their colleagues “is unjustified.”

Our colleagues ‘did what they could’

Agent Jesús Ignacio Molina Leyva said that his companions “did what they could”.

He explained that a video circulating on social networks shows “one of his colleagues who took a fire extinguisher (to fight the fire), but it did not work properly and was unable to put out the flames.”

He said that he knows his colleagues and said that “they are not inhuman, they do their job that has been conferred on them by the country’s migration law.”

Senior managers must be judged

In addition, he pointed out that the higher commands must also be judged.

“All the commissioners are the first to be in jail, not us (agents) who only do our job,” he added.

Molina recalled that there is a regulation that must be complied with “the cowards are crouching there, there is the one who should speak (referring to the head of the INM of Ciudad Juárez).”

AMLO promises zero impunity

This Thursday, in his daily conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised that there will be no impunity after the fire that killed the migrants, however, he avoided answering if The head of the National Migration Institute (INM), Francisco Garduño, will resignand if the private security company in charge of the immigration station belongs to a Nicaraguan consul.

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The scrutiny of the government of Mexico has grown since Monday’s fire at an INM migration station in Ciudad Juárez, on the border with the United States, where nearly 70 migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela were being held for their deportation.

Leaked security video shows agents idling as detained migrants plead for the door to be opened.

López Obrador also evaded demanding the resignation of Garduño Yáñez despite the claims of the opposition and human rights defenders.

The Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) announced Wednesday that it has identified eight alleged perpetrators of the fire, including two federal agents, a state immigration agent and five agents from the private security company. (EFE)


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