Kalimba will sue Melissa Galindo;  search for 'clean her image'

Kalimba Marichal confirmed that will proceed legally against Melissa Galindowho pointed out the singer for sexual abuse during a “live” on social networks.

In a statement published this Friday on his Instagram account, the singer insisted that the accusations against him are false and assured that “You have nothing to fear.”

“I am not going to allow my image to continue to be damaged in the way they have done, and that is why I am going to prove precisely to the authorities that I am innocent.”

He explained that the process will be launched after the Easter holidayssince the civil courts do not work during that vacation period.

“I see this complaint as an opportunity to clean up my image“Said the singer.

A few days ago, Melissa Galindo responded to the statements of the interpreter’s lawyer, Eliser Garcia Macdonelwho declared that he will file a lawsuit against him for moral damages and also offered elements that would supposedly prove that the abuse did not exist.

He denied that he has a debt of more than one million pesos, due to the dissolution of the employment contract with Arc Records company.

“That was legally experienced at the time, I don’t owe anything to anyone but I tell you, I prefer not to get involved with legal issues, ”he said.

The 36-year-old singer said that she did not expect that the accusations towards Kalimba would have such a response, since her intention was to “raise her voice” and “prevent more people from happening to them”.

I’m not going to play the victim, I’m not going to revictimize myself, I will not be telling details because it is annoying, “he warned, while noting that he will not elaborate on legal issues and that he had planned not to offer interviews.

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