Meet 'Revuelto', Lamborghini's first hybrid supercar

The car manufacturer Lamborghini unveiled its latest car model that he has made: ‘Revuelto’, the first hybrid supercar of the Italian brand.

The European carmaker said that the launch of the hybrid ‘Revuelto’, marks the beginning of a new era for its supercars that includes even the exterior design of the same.

‘Scrambled’ and its consequent models, Lamborghini clarifies, will continue to maintain the iconic single centerline, which sets it apart, now with sharply sculpted lines and smooth negative radii resulting in a new high-tech shape and positioning this model as the first of a new generation of supercars from the manufacturer.

Lamborghini this 2023 is turning 60 years of existence and celebrates it in a big way with the arrival of its first plug-in hybrid made with carbon fiber, lighter and more resistant, preserving elements such as the inverted “V” shape behind the doors, which are distinctive of its supercars.

The new car version delivered by Lamborghini keeps the 6.5-liter V12 naturally aspirated with three electric motors. To this is added a new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, details the sports car developer through its official page and social networks.

The gasoline engine of ‘Revuelto’ generates 825 horsepower, which combined with the power of the three electric motors adds up to 1,015 horsepower. This allows you to overcome the 350 km/h barrier. (Lamborghini does not specify the top speed) and can reach 100 km/h from zero in 2.5 seconds.

“The interior of ‘Revuelto’ carries the concept of “Feel Like a Pilot” at its best: simple volumes, symmetry and a driver-centric approach make the cabin a station of driver empowerment. The futuristic environment creates a seamless connection between the driver and the machine, while the unique hexagon-shaped elements do the double job of evoking previous models and highlighting new functional features.

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On your website Lamborghini does not specify the availability or the price of ‘Scrambled’ but it is expected to reach its stakeholders before the end of the year and with it the beginning of a new era of supercars for the veteran Italian car manufacturer.

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