Stormy Daniels threatened, but celebrates impeachment of Trump

The porn film actress Stephanie Clifford, known as stormy danielscelebrated this Friday the imputation of the former president of the United States donald trump for allegedly having bribed her to buy her silence and stressed that, after this accusation, “justice has been done.”

“A person in power is no longer exempt from the law, and no matter what his job is, or what his bank account says, he must be held accountable for the things he has said and done. justice has been done“, Clifford said in an exclusive interview for the British newspaper ‘The Times‘.

However, the adult film star lamented that, in a way, Trump can manage to instrumentalize his imputation and take advantage of it, at the same time that he fears that the former president “will continue to divide the people and raise them up in arms.” “He has already gotten away with inciting a riot and causing death and destruction,” Clifford lamented, referring to the assault on the Capitol in January 2021.

“Whatever the result, it will cause violence and there will be injuries (…). There is the potential for a lot of good things to come out of this, but inevitably, many bad things will also come out“Added Clifford, who gave in to said interview from a secret location in the United States.

As he recounted, from the moment Trump was indicted on Thursday by the United States Justice, he received violent threats “on all social media platforms, emails, and over the phone.”

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In this context, Clifford acknowledged being scared because even Trump himself “incites violence”, although he acknowledged not knowing to what extent he should acknowledge it, since it would be like putting “blood in the water”. “In a way, it encourages the sharks,” he said.

The case against Trump stems from the scandal over the possible secret payment of 130 thousand dollars to Stormy Daniels by ex-president Michael Cohen’s former attorney. Trump thus became the first former US president to be charged, which could end his aspirations to return to the White House in the elections scheduled for 2024.

Trump released a statement following his impeachment in which he accuses “political persecution and electoral interference“. “This has never been done before in the history of our nation,” he reproached, while accusing “the Democrats of the radical left” of “a witch hunt to destroy the ‘Make America Great Again’ movement” and affirmed in being “a completely innocent person”. (Europe Press)

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