'Super Mario Bros. The Movie'

On April 5, ‘Super Mario Bros.: The Movie’ hits theaters, and like any big premiere with the potential to have many ramifications, it comes with the usual question: Do I have to stay seated in the seat until the credits end? This time we have not had to wait for the press releases because Chris Pratt himself has been in charge of revealing it.

The actor who lends his voice to the mustachioed plumber in the original version has confirmed that, indeed, there is a post-credits sceneand that it would give clues to the next installments of the animated adventures of the Nintendo characters, if it succeeds at the box office (which it will): “At the end of the film there is a post-credits sequence that gives a glimpse of what could to try the sequel. And I’m very, very excited. There have been rumors of ‘Luigi’s Mansion,’ which was a Game Cube game. I think that would be great,” he told CBR. He also wouldn’t mind being inspired by ‘Mario Golf’ because they could prepare for the role on the course where the Augusta Masters is held.

Pratt and his co-stars are immersed in the promotion of the animated film by Illumination Entertainment. The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor has had to deal with many questions about the complaints that his casting as the voice of Mario aroused. “In all honesty, the answer is that it’s a passionate fandom. And it makes sense, I’m a part of it. It is the soundtrack of your youth. You don’t want someone to come along and cynically destroy it just to make money off the movie. I totally get it. You don’t want that to happen. And there are many hearts, souls and minds dedicated to making sure that didn’t happen.” assures Extra. In another interview with gizmodo he went so far as to say that he was “grateful” for that passion.

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In any case, Chris Pratt settles the matter with an interesting reflection: “Go watch the movie and then we’ll talk.. I really think that once you’ve seen the movie… And you know what? In all honesty, I think you probably need to watch it twice.”

The dubbing of ‘Super Mario Bros. The Movie’ in Spain

In Spain we can enjoy the film dubbed into Spanish and Catalan. We recently confirmed, from the hand of Universal Pictures, who would be behind the main characters, and they are all professional voice actors. Guillermo Romero will play Mario, his brother Rafa will voice Luigi, Laura Pastor will play Princess Beach, Nano Castro will play Bowser, Felipe Garrido will play Donkey Kong, Fernando de Luis will play Cranky Kong, David Robles will play Toad, Juan Arenas will play Kamek and Fernando Cordero to Spike in the Spanish version.

‘Super Mario Bros. The Movie’ premieres in Spanish cinemas on April 5.


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