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Makoto Shinkai returns to Spanish cinemas. The Japanese director who was behind films as special as ‘Your Name’ or ‘El Tiempo Contigo’ launched last year in his native country ‘Suzume’, surpassing $100 million at the box office and earning, once again, the applause of critics.

The animated film finally has a release date in Spain. Sony Pictures will be in charge of distributing ‘Suzume’ in theaters in our country starting on Friday, April 14. We also have the trailer with Spanish dubbing and the poster located for Spain.

‘Suzume’ is inspired by the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011. The film centers on a young girl who is able to see what others cannot. To protect loved ones from her, and the entire country, You will have to close some mysterious doors They harbor many dangers.

Again, Shinkai brings a supernatural touch to a tale that includes adventure, romance, humor, and a touch of darkness. Natural disasters have been part of the filmmaker’s previous filmographyespecially in titles like ‘Your Name’ or ‘Time with you’.


Radwimps, authors of the soundtracks of the last two films by Makoto Shinkaireturn to put music to the adventure of ‘Suzume’, which has featured the artist Toaka as the voice of the main theme.

‘Suzume’ premieres in Spanish cinemas on April 14.


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