For Real Madrid, Barça and Juventus "it is the money above the titles", president of UEFA

The president of the Uefa, Alexander Ceferincharged this Wednesday against the European Super Leagueof which he warned “has become a character from Little Red Hood: a wolf disguised as a grandmother ready to devour” European football, at the same time that he attacked the real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventusprecursors of the project, whom he described as “cartels above meritocracy and democracy”.

During his speech at the 47th UEFA CongressIn Lisbon, Ceferin noted:

Those who promote that project say they want to save football. The Super League has become a character from Little Red Hood: a wolf disguised as a grandmother ready to devour you. Who are they kidding? To nobody. They are cartels above meritocracy and democracy. It is the money above the titles. Domestic leagues must continue to be the cornerstones of soccer. We need everyone’s support to protect the model.

The Slovenian, appointed president of the European governing body in September 2016, was re-elected as president of European football until 2027after the meeting held and the Lisbon Congress Palace. This will be the third and last term, because by UEFA regulations you cannot aspire to more.

During his speech at the congress, Ceferin reinforced his fight against the Super Leagueinsisting that the project led by Madrid, Barça and Juve is “cynicism over morality, egoism over solidarity, greed over benevolence..

There is no room for cartels in European football. Football does not belong to anyone, in reality it belongs to all of us. The general interest must be above the individual interest of three clubs, two financiers and their spokesperson.

In addition, the president of UEFA defended the “egalitarian and supportive” model of the premier league. “Jealousy is bad advisers. Before it was UEFA that took the criticism, now It seems that it is the Premier that is demonized and should be overthrown. More than a model that must be destroyed, it is one that must be imitated”, he affirmed.

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Finally, Ceferin warned of a change in european footballwhich he now described as “unrecognizable”. “The clubs have been bought by investment funds, local identities have been lost and expenses have skyrocketed, with certain clubs run in a risky, even reckless manner that defies all logic and principles“, warning.

We must put an end to the myth that the privatization of football is an unstoppable process. It is a present danger, as we have seen, but together we can and will inevitably succeed in changing the course of history. Soccer is and will always remain the sport of the people.

(With information from Europe Press)

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