Regina, survivor of the balloon that caught fire in Teotihuacán, is discharged

The 13-year-old teenager, Regina “N”, who survived the fall of the hot air balloon in Teotihuacán where her parents Viridiana and José Edgar died – 39 and 50 years old, respectively – was discharged this Tuesday from the Hospital for the Child from the Maternal and Child Institute of the State of Mexico (IMIEM).

She was discharged around 1:30 p.m. and her relatives announced that she was transferred to Mexico City, to her private home, where she will remain in outpatient treatment.

The Secretary of Health of the State of Mexico highlighted that the surgical intervention that Regina received was to correct the fracture of the right humerus and reduce the dislocation of the humeral head.

He also received a surgical scrub for wounds and burns.

After these interventions carried out since April 1, his state of health has remained stable and in good condition.

“Because of the above and after being assessed by medical personnel, it was decided to discharge her due to improvement, so she will continue with medical treatment and surveillance in the management and healing of wounds and burns.”

It should be noted that the young woman was treated the day of the event at the Axapusco hospital but was later taken to Toluca for specialized care, where they did CT scans and other laboratory studies.

Meanwhile last Sunday, his parents were buried in the Jardines del Remembrance pantheon in Tlalnepantla.

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