They protect 25 wild animals found in Huixquilucan

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) reported that it will take care of the 47 animals that were found during a search in Huixquilucan, State of Mexicolast week.

Among the specimens are felines such as jaguars, lions and tigers. Added to this are birds such as caracara, owls, peacocks and eagles. Likewise, during the diligence, lemurs, coyotes and foxes were identified, as well as specimens derived from wildlife and domestic animals.

On April 5, during a search of a property in Huixquilucan, 47 animals were rescued, 25 of them wildlife.

A container with 14 thousand liters of dieselwith installation connected to the ground of a possible clandestine power supply hydrocarbon, Likewise, a possible clandestine take for the extraction of water.

As a result of the operation, eight people were arrested, who were presented before the Agent of the Public Ministry, who will determine your legal situation. In addition, the property was insured.

After the search, it was announced through social networks that a white wolf had escaped from the facilities. However, the Professor specified that the animal seen was actually a Calupoh, a breed of dog native to Mexico that is not considered wildlife.

He also explained that the canine was not part of the insured specimens. However, he clarified that this was secured with the help of the Animal Rescue Unit of the CDMX.

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