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    ‘El Muerto’, the project starring Bad Bunny about one of the most random from the Spider-Man comics, he is paradoxically dead in himself. Since it was announced a year ago, surprisingly, there has been no update, and the film seems to have fallen into the (deep) drawer of Sony/Marvel projects about secondary Spider-Man characters being announced and never again. is known about them.

    The rapper and professional wrestler (let’s not forget) Bad Bunny, aka Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasiohas broken the silence about the film in an interview with the magazine Time in which he admits that the film is on hold at the moment.

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    When asked about the project, Bad Bunny feigned confusion and said it hadn’t been shot yet. His publicist later added that the film was “on hold” and then clarified that it was actually “in development.”.

    “Maybe they’ll change me to Pedro Pascal”jokes Bad Bunny with the fact that the actor of Chilean origin seems to be like the title of the Oscar-winning film: Everything at once everywhere.

    Created by Peter David and Roger Cruz, El Muerto first made his debut in 2006’s ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6’. Also known as Juan Carlos Sánchez, El Muerto is a super-powered wrestler (thanks to a mystical mask) who fought Spider-Man in a charity wrestling match, where he nearly unmasked Peter Parker before being subdued with a paralyzing poison. Later, the two teamed up to take down El Muerto’s nemesis, Dorado. Currently, the character only has two appearances in the comics..

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    When announcing the news, Bad Bunny excitedly stated that “I love wrestling and now I’m a wrestler. It’s the perfect role. it will be epic.”

    However, doubts about whether “El Muerto” will finally be brought back to life are getting bigger, and the singer himself seems not to be very involved in the matter…

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